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Making Online Purchases Easier & More Secure
Don't have a means of making online payments? We can help with that.

PIP Payments is an innovative start up that enables offline payments for online purchases. Our mission is to enfranchise those who are excluded from internet shopping due to either an inability to get banking facilities or a fear of using banking information online.

With our service, you can create a barcode which is sent to your phone/printed off when you select a product online. This code can be scanned in a Post Office and paid over the counter. No need for bank account, credit card, no fraud or identity theft. We will be launching PIP in UK and Ireland this summer.

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  • Secure

    Payments are made offline so there are less security risks.

  • Easy To Use

    Get a Barcode and take it to your local shop, It's that simple.

  • Private

    Your personal info is kept safe & private.

  • No Bank Necessary

    With PiP there's no need to have a bank account or bank card.

Our Team

Meet The Team Behind PiP Payments
Ollie Walsh
Ollie is the CEO of Terraforma, the company behind PIP. Ollie has twenty years experience developing strategies for Start Ups and SMEs to target new markets and to grow. He specialises in building teams and implementing plans and making them work!
Julian Callaghan
Director of Innovation
A skilled communicator with competencies in: business planning & strategic management, financial planning & management. Expertise in e-Commerce & IT, billing & payment systems, financial services, sales, marketing and media.
Brian Mc Nally
Brian has over fifteen years commercial experience in Senior Positions in Industry and Practice, having trained as an accountant with KPMG. Brian has significant experience of business start ups and have helped raise over €10m in private equity funding for technology companies.

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